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Hello, my name is Jazmin McCombs. I'm a multi-media artist. My style of art usually consists of bold, deep, intense, and sharp bright colors. My favorite art mediums to work with are graphic designs and acrylic painting, but since I'm a multi-media artist, you will see my designs in many different forms on a variety of items. I created Jaycrave Designs to share my art with everyone and not just to sell it but for the enjoyment and fun. My inspiration and ideas come from my visions and dreams the most. I have a fascination for color and a burning passion for art and design in general. I also have a thing for big cats (lions, tigers, cougars etc.) so you will see many of my designs featuring them. If you have a special/personal request and/or item you would like me to design, contact me! Thanks for visiting and reading!

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