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It won't be easy to find a bigger selection of drop ship personalized products all on one site anywhere else! Moreover, new personalized products are added every week. You can upload thousands of different designs on our personalized products, and resell them wherever you like.


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50 Collections


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100 Collections


Every Week

Shipping Time

Delivery time may vary depending on destination countries and carriers. However, all orders are eligible for Refunds or Free Reshipment if not arrived within 30-45 days after packages were shipped out.

7-15 Days Delivery
No Extra Shipping Cost
With Full Destination Tracking Status
Worldwide Shipping, Delivery Guarantee.

3-5 Days Delivery
Extra Shipping Fee Start from $7.99
With Full Destination Tracking Status
Worldwide Shipping, Delivery Guarantee.

lead time

Please allow average 3-7 days manufacturer time for your custom printed products. Your designs are brilliantly displayed across a tried and tested high-quality products range by utilizing cutting-edge printing facilities.


2-3 days


3-5 days


4-6 days


5-7 days

No Minimum Order

Small business friendly production on orders

No Inventory


No extra fee

Only pay when place order. All price includes shipping costs.

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Easy to retail business with no money

Easy to Scale

Outstanding designs exclusive print-on-demand products, smart promotion

Wide Selection of Products

Customized shoes,handbag, sumbrellas,dress,leggings,prints, mugs,T-shirts and more.

How to become reseller on Artsadd?

Your unique login email identifies you as a reseller in our database. By logging into your own account, you will be able to use our Create Platform and enjoy Reseller Features.

Sign an account with Artsadd.com, and send us your registered email address.
Provide us with valid website address or store link refer to your online business.
Let us know which product do you prefer to fulfill with us.

Branding Services

It won’t be just a product if it’s got your logo on it. So we make it easy to for you to build your own brand by attaching it on each order. Your brand on the right products makes impossible possible.

Branding Sticker

Upload your designed logo into reseller account, we will print it out and stick it to the outside of packages. By this way, your orders get maximum branding awareness.

Sticker design should be within: 3.9’ X 3.9’(10cm X 10cm) (W x H).
Colors of sticker’s design can only be BLACK and WHITE, no gradients.
Please upload sticker design as PDF file. Accept PDF only.
Branding Sticker cost an extra $1 per order.

Logo Tag inside Product

Artsadd is a white label manufacturer, our in-house skilled craftsman will help you to enhance brand value by sewing your designed logo tag onto products. You get the opportunity to create a unique experience for your customers. Meanwhile, your garments are completely under your brand, nothing from the manufacturer.

Logo tags vary from different product range. See full details in logo catalogue.
It costs an extra $2 per item.
Please feel free to design an unique and valuable logo for your business.

Integration Options

Shopify Store Integration

Actually, it's Artsadd website integrate with your Shopify Store instead of an Artsadd App.
You can use our online Create Platform to create personalized products, and sell in your store. Please keep in mind that esigned products can be automatically synchronized from Artsadd to your Shopify Store by just one click.
Your Shopify orders are automatically transfered to Artsadd to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, tracing numbers will be sent back to your store in just a few minitunes.
Artsadd in-house factory print and produce on orders, and ship them directly from factory to your customers.
Frankly speaking, Artsadd doesn't have any Apps, and don't plan to have one.

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Woo Commerce Integration

Once you have integrated your WooCommerce store with Artsadd website, you can use our Create Platform to create personalized products, and sell in your WooCommerce store.
Your WooCommerce orders are automatically sent to Artsadd to be fulfilled.
Artsadd in-house factory print and produce on orders, and ship them directly from factory to your customers.
Artsadd then automactically transfers tracing numbers back to your WooCommer store in just a few minitunes.

Custom API Integration

"What if I don't run any Shopify or WooCommer Store?"
"What if I have my own shopping cart and website?"
"What if I don't like to design on Artsadd Create Platform, but I would like to use Artsadd Mock-ups and Templates, and fulfill with Artsadd"
Let our IT Teams help you out!

Fill out form below and we'll be in touch!

Orders by CSV Format

Dowload orders out of your store as a CSV Format and upload to Artsadd reseller account or Artsadd Factory ERP system to start fulfill in no minutes!

For resellers who designed on Artsadd Create Platform, please include SKU Code in to CSV format. Such as Amazon Reseller.
For resellers who designed with Mock-ups & Templates, please include Preview images and Printing images URL in to CSV format.

Fill out form below and we'll be in touch!

Cash Rebate policy

Cash Back For Artsadd Resellers Save Up to $16000 Dollars.

Monthly Turnover
( US Dollors )
Rebate Cash
( US Dollors )
$5,000-$9,999 1% $50-$99.99
$10,000-$29,999 2% $200-$599.98
$30,000-$49,999 3% $900-$1499.97
$50,000-$99,999 4% $2000-$3999.96
$100,000-$149,999 6% $6000-$8999.94
$150,000-$199,999 8% $12000-$16000

• Rebate counting base on Monthly sales volume, instead of daily or Annual sales.
• Cash Rebate will be transfered to Reseller's Paypal account on 28th next month.
• Any Refund or Return orders will be deducted from monthly sales volume.
• Drop-shippers whose Rellers Price is less than web's Reseller Price, will not enjoy rebate policy.
• Effective from 1st, January, 2018.

Bulk Order Wholesale Service

Of course we do bulk order discounts! Find the ideal items for big events such as: your next conference, open house, promotion or customer appreciation and so on. You can avail yourself of attractive discounts on bulk orders from 20 pieces with an identical design

Bulk Price Consultation

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Over 200 Employees, 5000+ Daily Capacity,Imported Well-known Brand Printers,Since 2010.

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